Leadership Advisory

Leadership in Transition - Facing into the Unknown

For a very large majority of todays Leaders, there has never been a time of greater uncertainty and change. There is much turbulence that we cannot see or predict.


As this is where we can help. We are experienced with a thirst for staying ahead of the curve. We are offering a new suite of services to help the new leader navigate through this turbulence. Through our research we have identified five critical stages of a leader’s journey:


Accelerated Transition – how does a new leader become effective in the shortest possible time?

Building Effective Top Team – the leader needs a high performing team as the key vehicle for strategic execution.

Driving Strategic Innovation – today’s strategy needs to include innovation in a way that is coherent with the organization’s future purpose.

Succession – leaders need to develop a succession pipeline to minimise risk and ensure the success of future leader transitions.

Departure -  effective departures build brand reputation and enhance org culture & employee experience.


For more information about our Leadership Advisory Practice please contact Mark Powell.


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