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Terry Buckley


Terry is a technology entrepreneur, business builder,  C-level executive, and management consultant with more than 35 years international experience.


During his career, Terry has built several information services and technology businesses, taking them from start-up to exit; and has worked successfully with clients, customers and business partners in more than 15 countries in Asia Pacific, Japan, North America, the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.


His clients have included major local and international companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in retail/distribution, manufacturing, service industries and Government. In large organizations, he has worked with Boards of Directors, C-level executives, and senior management teams; and in medium and small organizations with entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers.


Terry is particularly interested in entrepreneurship: in start-up, early stage and growth companies; and in digital transformations in mature companies and the public sector.

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Mr Terry Buckley

Office: +61 2 9233 3711

Email:  terrybuckley@insgroup.com.au


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