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Peter C. Joyce

BCom, B.Ed

Peter completed a Commerce Degree at the University of Melbourne and joined the teaching Faculty in Economics. Whilst teaching he undertook post-graduate studies in both Education and Financial Economics. This position also involved Peter’s engagement as a consultant to commerce and industry. Consulting encouraged Peter to leave the University and take a senior position with the Economist Intelligence Unit.


Following a short period with the EIU; he joined BIS-Shrapnel as a Director; and together with others built the firm into a strong market leading international advisory firm. Peter and his co-owners sold the firm to NYNEX and Peter chose to leave the firm at that time. He joined Arthur Andersen & Co to commence an Economic and Industry practice.


It was soon found that this practice was better suited to compliment the Strategic practices in Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). Peter led this successful AC international practice for many years and retired in 1993. Since then he has been on numerous private company Boards, and has been Chairman of many. For 11 years he was also the Chairman of Partners of a major National Law firm. Peter currently Chair’s The Insight Group. Peter has held numerous governance and board positions both in commerce and education.

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Mr Peter Joyce

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