2019 Higher education talent trends.

The higher education sector not only shapes the world in which we live but also is shaped by it. While Australian universities undoubtedly punch above their weight internationally, they remain highly susceptible to global events; be they opportunities or challenges. This will no doubt continue in ...

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School Boards: Understanding the role is key to avoiding mistakes

During a recent speech, the Victorian education minister, James Merlino, nominated leadership together with teacher education as the two most important issues currently facing schools. School Boards play an essential role in school leadership. They can be the backbone of a successful school but ...

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Conversation: Professor Zeger Degraeve, former Dean, Melbourne Business School

Professor Zeger Degraeve recently retired as Dean of Melbourne Business School following a highly successfully six year term. His achievements include maintaining and enhancing the international standing of the School, modernising the degree programs, expanding executive education and developing a ...

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Disruption in Education

Within the education sector 2017 has undoubtably been a year of continued disruption, both domestically and internationally. In the video below, filmed at our recent global conference, Rohan Carr reflects on the implications of this disruption, particularly from a talent perspective. Rohan A. Carr ...

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China’s education revolution: more questions than answers

During a recent visit to Shanghai to attend our global IRC conference, it was interesting to observe the rapidly changing Chinese economic, social and political environment and the impact on the education sector. China’s higher education system is expanding at an astonishing rate. With 8 million ...

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Talent Retention in Education: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Over the holiday break I came across a reprint of the first edition of the publication Campus Review, which was published some 25 years ago (August 1991), and then called Australian Campus Review Weekly. Although the publication had a different name and somewhat less stylish layout, the most ...

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Global Trends in Higher Education

As consultants to the higher education sector we gain remarkable insights into the challenges facing leaders at both a local and international level. In the video below, filmed at our recent global conference, Rohan Carr reflects on 3 key issues impacting higher education. Rohan A. Carr December ...

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University talent: it’s not just academic!

One of the consequences of the focus on global rankings in the Higher Education sector has been the importance that Australian universities place on the attraction of research intensive academics, often from offshore institutions. Notwithstanding this, as we reflect on the past 15 plus years ...

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