Put yourself in their shoes: ‘Why would I join?’

The recruitment process requires significant time and resource investment by the hiring organisation, whether or not a recruitment firm is used. Organisations focus on preparing a position description, analysing the candidate attributes sought and the ideal candidate experience required.  They may also spend time pouring over CVs and formulating insightful interview questions.  Then there is the critical due diligence and referencing process.


Often the hiring organisation is so focussed on what they are seeking they forget to consider the candidate’s perspective – what is it that will attract them?  At senior levels and in many industries, candidates often have more than one option, or in the case of a search candidate, they may not be seeking a new role when approached.  So it is critical that the organisation considers what it is about the position, the organisation and even the location that will appeal.


  • Why would this person come?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities?
  • What experiences are unique?
  • What is the reputation of the organisation?
  • What is it about the team that will provide a great leadership opportunity?
  • What projects are in the pipeline?
  • Where is the ‘blue sky’?
  • Where are the expansion possibilities?
  • Most importantly – can they really have an impact?


While candidate assessment is critical, recruitment is a two-way street and consideration of candidate attraction factors is equally vital.  Indeed what might attract one person might be different to that which will appeal to another – so it may need to be individually specific.  Time spent considering the above questions will go a long way to ensuring that you maximise the chances of your preferred candidate saying ‘yes’; and that is the important part!

Rohan A. Carr

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