Top Attraction and Retention Tips for 2013

  1. Succession Planning: not something that can be done early enough.  Have you given some thought to successors to key leadership positions.  Which of your key leaders are most ‘at risk’ and what would you do if they left?  Are you developing tomorrow’s leaders internally or will you have to look outside your organisation?
  2. Protect Your Top Performers: do you have a retention strategy in place that is particularly targets you top performers?
  3. Revaluate Your Employment Proposition (do you have one!): why is the total work experience at your organization superior to that at other organizations –if you can’t articulate this they how can you attract the best and brightest?
  4. On Boarding: some organisations have great recruitment processes and then fall down in terms of on boarding. Even senior employees need to be quickly engaged with the organisation to be most effective.
  5. Strategic Objectives: ensure you have a mechanism in place that links all executive hires to the strategic objectives of the organisation. If the appointment does not fit then why is it being made or contemplated?
  6. Remuneration and Benefits: is your structure contemporary and relevant to current market conditions?
  7. Communication: it might be an old saying but its truth is backed up by research: ‘employees join an organisation but they leave because of their boss’.  Do your senior managers have the communication skills necessary to manage employees?
  8. Generational Differences: Do you recognise that expectations of employees vary according to their generation – how does your organisation deal with this? 

We would encourage you to contact Rohan Carr, Peter Nisbet or Malcolm Duncan at The Insight Group if you would like to discuss any of the above in relation to your organisation.

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