The Key to Leading People & the Lighter Side of Social Media

While there is an ever expanding library of books and articles focused on the most effective way to lead people, how often is the best advice that which is the simplest!

In an Leadership and Managing article (June 2012), ‘The Only Management Strategy You’ll Ever Need’, Jeff Haden explains why ‘great leaders don’t need to struggle to motivate, inspire, and lead their employees’.

The basic points:

  • When management talks about goals, targets, and its vision for the future, employees’ attention is short: “employees don’t care about any of that stuff for very long. We can communicate and engage and connect all we want, but no one really listens to us. They just smile and nod and go back to doing their jobs the way they always do.”
  • When management cares about its employees, it’s a different story: “Our employees don’t really care about what we want them to do until they know how much we care about them. When an employee knows – truly knows –that you care about them, then they care about you. And when they know you care, they will listen to you… and they will do anything for you.”

Source: – Leadership and Managing

On a slightly lighter note, to provide some relief from the serious business of adapting and integrating to new technology, here are five reasons (courtesy of LinkedIn Group emarketing Association member Robert Fleming, Founder/CEO eMarketing Association) against doing any social marketing:

  • You have the writing skills of a coffee table. If you can’t provide relevant content (or hire someone to provide it), you probably won’t do well in the social arena. Engagement is a product of interesting, timely and relevant writing.
  • You don’t have any time. Social marketing takes time and effort, if you can’t invest the time it won’t work. It doesn’t have to be your time but it has to take SOMBODY’S time.
  • Your website hasn’t been updated since 2002. Social marketing comes last. If you don’t have a good site, good products and a business plan, you need to focus on the basics before      implementing a social marketing program.
  • You don’t know how to use social sites. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile and a Facebook profile, and think Twitter is something kids do after school, you probably need to get online and start using social sites. Before you set up a social marketing program learn how to use social media personally.
  • You actually believe there is no value in social media. One million plus groups on LinkedIn, over 835,000,000 users worldwide on Facebook, millions of companies engaged on Twitter and other social platforms, they could all be wrong. A passing fad, well most marketers don’t think so.

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