Talent Advisory


The competition for talent across all market sectors remains high and the challenges surrounding the areas of talent acquisition and retention makes it essential that a proactive approach to identifying, selecting and engaging talent is pursued.

We offer high quality professional advice on how to meet these challenges enabling you to find the right people to deliver your critical business strategies and boost financial performance.

Our areas of expertise include:

Strategic Leadership Reviews to ensure that your organisation has the required level of excellence, quality, skill and diversity in critical leadership roles

Talent Risk Audit which reviews the current performance of your talent management strategies, processes and systems and identifies improvement opportunities

Diversity Advisory & Analytics to ensure your Leadership Team/s and Board reflect the appropriate diversity characteristics of your community and customer markets

Market Mapping to generate valuable insights into the depth of talent in external markets (domestic and international), where the talent resides (which competitors) and to identify where talent is moving across industry sectors

Talent Management Software to bring together multiple pieces of fragmented talent information to help you eliminate the use of spreadsheets and manual records to deliver more powerful insights for the HR and Executive Leadership teams of your organisation


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