Malcolm Duncan Appointed Global Lead

Malcolm Duncan has recently been appointed the Global Lead on NGO and NFP for IRC Global Executive Search Partners. Below is a brief excerpt of a speech Mal will give at our upcoming Global Conference in New York this September, dealing with the Leaders of the Future.

“The NGO and Not For Profit organisations are now both vital links between business, government and society. Services that have historically been provided by governments are more and more being pushed off the national balance sheet and into the NGO and NFP community to provide solutions. In part, this is because of the spiralling costs to government but also a recognition that government response may be too slow or ill-directed and not meet the needs of those in need or those unrepresented communities. This is especially true because governments cannot deal with global problems, and entities distinct from governments such as NGOs can mobilise and expand support for causes across borders.

The Not For Profit sector has for years provided real community solutions from Aged Care to Child Care, from the Visual and Performing Arts, to Trade and Industry Associations. Behind their work is a charitable service driven mission to encourage participation and empowerment of people or groups.

Executive search has for many years provided a vital role in finding new leaders to adapt to the changing landscape in NGOs and Not For Profits. With the emerging modalities of social media and social networks, coupled with the global need for NGO’s and Not For Profits to work towards collaborative models and provide solutions of scale, there is a need for leaders who can respond to the increasing complexity and inter connectedness of issues.

IRC is able to identify these social entrepreneurs that can spur innovative solutions and demonstrate real return on investment to governments, foundations, businesses or the private donor. In doing this, they deliver on their mission to make people’s lives better.”

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